Electro-Mechanical Cleaning From Econorod

Econorod can clear even the most stubborn of blockages with the use of Electro-Mechanical cleaners. What are the benefits Of Electro-Mechanical Cleaning to you?
  • This method employed by Econorod can clear almost all blockages.

  • When used to descale pipework and remove tree roots the result is almost 100% effective, restoring full bore to the pipework.

  • The various sizes and designs of cutters and blades used by Econorod engineers ensure that the cables can reach around corners and bends, reaching otherwise inaccessible points.

What Exactly is Electro-Mechanical Cleaning?

Cutters and blades fitted to rotating flexible steel cables cut away hard to budge debris such as tree roots and hardened deposits of grease, silt, rubble and scale as they are pushed along the pipe.
Econorod's Electro-mechanical cleaners vary in size according to the required task though the working principle of the units remain the same. An electrically driven motor self feeds a flexible metal cable (varied cutting attachments are used according to the required task), which propels along drainage runs from 13mm up to 225mm in diameter. Electro-mechanical cleaning is the ideal method to clear a variety of blockages from areas such as waste runs from sinks, urinals, baths, showers, main drains, sewers and gullies, and vertical stack pipes.

It is the ideal method for total descaling and root removal. The large range of attachments available make the use of Electro-mechanical cleaning a highly efficient way of clearing blockages, and when used to descale pipework or removing roots the result is almost 100% effective, restoring full bore to pipework. Due to this high standard, Econorod always advise high pressure water jetting after the use of the electro-mechanical cleaning for descaling or tree roots due to the large volume of scale and debris left deposited within the pipework.
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