High Pressure Water Jetting

High pressure water jetting or hydrocleaning as it is sometimes known as, is the use of water being propelled at high speeds to clean drains, materials and surfaces both internal and external. The powerful water jets convert water into laser cutting jets which strip deposits from pipe walls, flush out waste and restore full flow.
By pressurising and focusing the stream of water, the force generated can achieve the following;
  • The removal of all types of debris, such as grease, fat, debris and garden waste from drains, culverts and sewers up to 48” in size. Why wait for that all out emergency to wreak havoc in your daily life? Good drain maintenance is a sensible way of avoiding the cost and inconvenience that your blocked and damaged drainage systems can incur.

  • The cleaning and flushing of mains water supplies. In the UK it is easy to take for granted that the water coming out of your tap is pure, drinkable and spring fresh. However, any build-up of dirt and grime that may occur in your mains water supplies will eventually find it's way into the water you drink, cook and wash with. Needless to say, a clean and well maintained mains water system is essential to your wellbeing and your daily life.

  • Removal of grease and oil spillage or the cleaning of built-up waste in production areas. With Health and Safety such an important issue, especially in the workplace it is vital to keep all areas and surfaces clean, clear of debris and most importantly safe and slip-free. Any accident that can be prevented is one less potential law suit for you to worry about! Our specialist equipment and highly trained engineers can ensure the removal of all types of hard to remove spillages such as oil and grease.

  • The restoration of brickwork and building exteriors and the external and internal cleaning of storage tanks. There are a number of factors that can contribute to the accumulation of dirt that can make your house or building appear dirty and unsightly, from pollution in the atmosphere to the aging of brickwork. Econorod also use high pressure water jetting to clean and restore the exteriors of building and brickwork.

Preventative Drain Cleaning service

Water is pumped through a reinforced hose where it is converted into fine but powerful jets by a nozzle at the end of the hose. These nozzles propel the stream of pressurized water through the drain run whilst at the same time providing a descaling action to the internal lining. The nozzles vary in size, design and application, enabling us to tackle your problem no matter how big or small.
Our vast range of high pressure jetting units and accessories allow Econorod trained engineers to clear all blockages from soft silt and garden waste to more stubborn blockages such as concrete. If you are more forward thinking and prefer to avoid an emergency drainage problem you may be interested in our comprehensive Preventative Drain Cleaning service, to give you compete peace of mind.
You may be interested in our comprehensive
Preventative Drain Cleaning service to give complete peace of mind.