Pest Control

Econorod have been helping businesses for over 28 years, and are regarded as experts in our field. With an impressive client list of household corporate names, we know exactly what our clients need through years of experience. We service the whole of the UK, and have service centres up and down the country.

Econorod have always strived to provide a professional, reliable and cost effective service to our clients and we were always being asked “can we provide pest control”, well now we are pleased to say that we can, through our new pest control division Econopest.

Pest Control Services

We can deal with all of your pest control issues, including;
  • Rats - Many people have a phobia of them, often a simple sighting can make the adrenalin kick in and begin a panic. But there is more to worry about. Rats carry disease, they cause damage and they have been known to bite. It is vital you call a professional in as early as possible to deal with your rat problem..

  • Mice - Although mice may seem tiny, in relative terms, a single breeding pair of mice, under ideal conditions can produce up to 50 offspring over a five month period. The most common two species of mice found in the UK are the field mouse and more commonly the house mouse. A single house mouse can produce up to 80 droppings in a day and can not only damage stock, but can ruin your businesses reputation.

  • Cockroaches - These are an extremely common household and commercial pest, they are known to hold and transfer diseases for example dysentery, poliomyelitis, gastroenteritis & typhoid.

    Cockroaches are usually associated with dirt and poor
    housekeeping however we often find cockroaches will travel from adjoining properties in search for new suitable expansion sites.

    Cockroaches generally will eat anything, anything that has
    nutritional value, this includes excrement, this accounts for the
    reason why they are known to spread disease and are known to be such a disgusting pest. Their diet often consists of grease build up, leftover food, rubbish, and anything they can get basically, this also includes other dead cockroaches.
In addition to the above we also eradicate Bed Bugs, Pigeons and Gulls, Egg and Nest removal, Bird Droppings and any other pests you may encounter.
We respect you, our customers, your property and your time.