Pipe Re-lining & Excavation

What are the benefits of 'No Dig' pipe re-lining to you?
  • No need for time consuming and costly excavations.
  • Extend the life of damaged pipework without large scale excavation and replacements
  • Minimal disruption when repairing cracked, corroded or even collapsed drains
  • Minimise the negative environmental impact associated with the excavation of pipeline systems.
  • Lining is resistant to chemical attack and corrosion.
  • Improved drainage flow.
  • Lining is resistant to ground movement.
  • Prevents root penetration and leaks.

Pipe re-lining Explained

Using a 'Cured In Place' pipe renovation process, the pipe re-lining method eliminates the need for disruptive and sometimes costly excavations. This service provided by Econorod trained engineers, works by effectively placing a pipe within a damaged pipe.

The process consists of a material similar to GRP (Glass Reinforced Plastic) impregnated with a poly resin. Water or air is then used to mould the impregnated liner inside the old pipe where curing takes place within a matter of hours.

Pipework Excavation

Sometimes a pipe is too badly damaged to re-line so excavation and replacement is the only option, a full survey of the surrounding area would be carried out to make sure no other services were in the area to be dug. All necessary measures would be taken to remove and replace the affected area in the safest and shortest possible time.
"More benefits with less disruption".