Econorod are great company that have provided us with an excellent all round drainage and plumbing solutions. I’ve never had an issue with response times and always get the job completed. They are a great company to work with. They have very good team members with some excellent professionality. I have no hesitation on recommending Econorod.

Charlie Gill - Facilities Manager
I can't thank you enough for such a prompt and professional response.
The guys did a brilliant job by fighting with a big blockage that it took a while to sort it out.
All unblocked and tested and all the pipes put back properly.

Ionut - The Shard
Thanks for the follow-up.
As expected, the site were impressed by the quality of work that your engineer provided.
They initially did not think it’s possible, but they then realised that there is a good reason why we send Econorod everywhere 
So in the end, happy ending and the site couldn’t be happier, especially on that day.
Bogdan Gruia - CAFM Supervisor

Can I just take this opportunity to say thank you on behalf of Hilton Park.

Over the last few months I think Econorod have really stepped up their game, your engineers have been prompt on callouts, courteous in their approach and carried out a sound job as a result, this relates to service works carried out, severe blockages resolved or unexpected leaks.

I'm sorry I can't name personally all your engineers that have attended, but should you hold a team meeting, please pass on my sincere thanks to them all.

I do expect the highest quality of works to be carried out at all times whether it is by contractors or by my own engineers, and credit should always be given where one feels it is necessary.

So once again thank you and your company in supporting our needs in a very challenging, demanding environment.

Paul White - Director of Engineering
I am writing you this email to thank you your company service.
It’s a very important for us have a such a solid foundation in you with that important area of works as drainage.
Most of the jobs we subbing out to your company has a critical status, and your work ethic and encourage always prevent our client from losing business liability.
Thank you again and keep going! 
Mariusz Slowikowski
Boots Contracts Administrator